I'm almost embarrassed to be a New Zealander.


Because the policy to eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 virus works.

Out total death count for our country of 5 million is 25.

That's fewer than Hawaii (120 deaths from a population 1.4 million). Or the Isle of Wight (86 deaths from a population of fewer than 150,000).

Some, like Scotland and Northern Ireland say that they are pursuing the elimination of the SARS-CoV-2, but in the main, for most of the world, such a notion is off the radar.

Instead I hear BS about the freedom to wear masks. How about the freedom that comes without having to live with the virus? Because that's what we've got right now. And if it comes again, we're going to do out very best to eliminate it again. So far, its New Zealand: 3, Covid-19: 0. We're getting better at it each time.

I also hear nonsense about how the measures devastate the economy. (Actually NZ's economy is doing well BECAUSE of our pandemic policy). We had around 100 virus free days after the first big cluster of outbreaks.

I intended to pass a brief comment but this is turning into a blog. I better go write it properly.

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